Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Working out and goals

I've found this crazy new drive and new level of energy at Boot Camp. I think I'm inspired to push myself because I'm feeling so strong. I'm not resting as much or taking as many breaks during reps and sets, I'm not shortcutting the exercises and trying to do things the big girl strong way rather than the weaker way. (ie:not resting on my forearms or elbows when everyone else is on their hands)
Today without even realizing it I did all my kettlebell exercises with a 20 pounder! I didn't even realize till the end when one of the other moms wanted a bit of a lighter weight and was hunting for a 10 pound one. Only then did I take a look at mine and realize it was the 20 pound! That made me feel super duper proud.
I can feel it in my arms too. The muscles just ache non stop. It's good though because it means I'm working them and making them stronger.

Over the weekend I had asked David if he thought I could do a clean and press with a 25 pound Kettlebell. He said we would give it a shot.
I really only wanted to do ONE press overhead to see if I could do it.
Not only did I do it, I did FIVE presses on each side. FIVE! Then as if that wasn't cool enough David took out the 30 pound Kettlebell and had me do 5 cleans and presses with it. I did it! I got that weight up over my head!
Here is the video.
Talk about super proud!

We are going to work with the 30 till I get comfortable with it and don't muscle it up over my head but do a decent clean with it and get it up the right way.

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