Friday, January 18, 2013

today's class

I went to the 5:30 class last night and it wrecked me. Pushups, suicide runs, sprints, squats. By the end of class I was walking the suicide laps. I couldn't run another step. Not one more.

I got up this morning bound and determined to take today off because I was sore and tired. I put it out on Facebook and quickly was guilted into coming to class by the studio owner.

I dragged my sorry carcass to the studio praying I would be able to make it through class today.

When David proclaimed today all Kettlebells I almost wept with joy. A class I knew I could rock. Ending the week on a strong note.

Of course my stupid lower back had other plans.

I've struggled with lower back pain since forever. It's weak muscles but it feels like crunching broken glass in place of my lower spine.

I know I need to push through the pain and breathe into it and the only cure for it is to keep building up the muscles back there.

You will see me working with 4 different color Kettlebells & two different sizes. The blue bell is 27 lbs the pink is 17 lbs, the little black one is 25 lbs and the big yellow one is 32 lbs.

The blue bell is my comfort zone. It's the weight where I work best. Unfortunately when my back starts acting up I'm forced to the pink bell to do work that I could with no trouble do with the blue bell.

Super frustrating.

I grabbed the yellow bell at the very end and watching the video I'm mad at myself. I had no business attempting that one today. Not because I couldn't lift it, clearly I can. I however didn't have the power or strength to rack it in a proper manner on either side and that means my arms were too tired to be lifting it.

We were supposed to do 20 burpees but all I had in me was 12. You can see how exhausted a full 35 mins of Kettlebell work leaves me. I have not an ounce of energy to lift and support that tire over my head. Twice my arms had clearly had enough and you see the tire slide out of my grip and down my back. That does not happen because I've let go or because of any decision I made. That was my arms telling me "No Mas".
That to me is how a class should end every single time.
Nothing at all left in the tank.

Something this video has shown me that I need to work on is that I tend to throw my shoulders back too far and almost bend backwards in an effort to stand up straight. I need to be more aware of keeping my shoulders over my knees in good alignment.

I also still hate my swings. My body is just not the right shape or thin enough yet to hold the correct form for swings. It's frustrating and  I don't like it. It's the most basic of all Kettbell movements and it always feels very awkward to me.

Once again, you are under no obligation to watch any or all of this video. It's here more for me than for any of you.

Feel free to watch though...

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Boot Camp & Boobs

It's absolutely no secret that I am a bigger chick.
I stand at 4'11" weigh 190 pounds (that's 90 pounds too much) wear a size 18 in pants, 20 in blouses and never anything smaller than an XL in a tee shirt.
With my other plus sized parts comes a plus sized rack as well. Trying to find a decent walking around bra is difficult, but trying to find a sports bra that would contain the fury that are my boobs during exercise was a damn near impossible task.

Most places either don't make workout bras in my size or the ones they do make are a joke because they don't do ANYTHING to help keep the gals from flopping like fish out of water.

For the first almost 2 years of Boot Camp I wouldn't run, wouldn't jump, wouldn't do anything that would cause the gals to bounce around because it made me feel very self conscious and like a complete fat mess.

I can't remember how I found the shop Title Nine but I know I was on a very frustrated hunt for a bra that would allow me to participate in class 100% and not be held back by the very body I was trying to change.

They had a bra called The Last Resort Bra. They carried it in a cup size one down from mine which I normally wouldn't do but looking at the photo it looked like the gals would be completely strapped in with no place to go and I figured why the hell not. I ordered it and crossed my fingers.

It arrived, I put it on and the angels sang. I'd finally found a bra that kept my 38 F boobs in place. Praise the Lord.

I ordered a second one and not a boot camp class goes by that I'm not wearing one of them.

Except today. Today I'd washed both bras and for some reason forgot to run the dryer. I had neither of my favorite bras to wear to Boot Camp.
I was ready to just skip class (I love these bras that much!) and I realized that was really silly.  I am the one who is always galloping around shouting about how nobody in class cares what anyone else is doing and no matter what we all support each other. So if this was a true statement it shouldn't matter if for today I wear a bra that doesn't do at all what it's supposed to do.
I dug around in my drawer and found a very sub par sports bra that I hate. It gives me Madonna cone tits and does nothing in the area of support for running or jumping.

I put it on anyway and hoped for the best. Maybe we wouldn't run or do jumping jacks today.

Right out of the chute we did three sets of jumping jacks. Below is the video. It ain't pretty.

Despite the flipping and flopping I'm proud of myself for pushing through my vain self consciences insecurities and getting to class and then once I was there, not using the lack of decent support as an excuse to punk out on the exercises!

Today was a good day.

I've started to video class because there are no mirrors. The videos feed both my ego and my desire to witness my bad ass strength and the practical side of me who wants to be sure I'm doing the exercises correctly and wants to see what we can improve on in the future.

You are under NO obligation to sit through the entire video or any of the video! If you want to though, have at it!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Boot Camp Today

Hi all! It's been a while hasn't it?

Yeah. Bet you thought I was gone for good right? You can't get rid of me!

After 4 months off of Boot Camp I'm back to it and back to this blog. I'm going to be using this as a brain dumping ground as well as a log of daily workouts.

So having said that, here is what we did at Boot Camp this morning.

3 laps around the studio
2 laps side shuffles
Then we did each of these exercises for 1 minute. No set number of reps. As many as you can fit in that 1 minute.

Kettlebell Swings
Kettlebell Swings
Kettlebell Squats
Kettlebell Curls
Trunk Twists
Kettlebell Swings
Jogging Laps
Kettlebell Overhead Presses
Alternating V Ups
Kettlebell Side Rows - 30 seconds on each side
Kettlebell Squats
Mountain Climbers
Kettlebell High Pulls
Kettlebell Figure 8's
Kettlebell Swings
Trunk Twists
Kettlebell Lunges
Kettlebell Crunches
Kettlebell Side Rows - 30 seconds on each side
Trunk Twists
Kettlebell Swings
2 minutes of laps

Today kicked my ass. Lord did I struggle. I refused to allow myself to pick up a lighter Kettlebell then the 27 pound gal and as I'm typing this my arms and legs are very angry with me.

I came into class raring to go. Full of pep and moxie ready to kick ass and take names. Jackie almost NEVER uses Kettlebells and today as you can see it was non-stop bells.
It was a struggle to get through class. In the last 2 minute run my legs finally said
"listen, no. We are done, finished, over, kaput. NOT running"

So I power walked most of the two minutes and even that took every ounce of energy I had left. I started a mantra in my head to keep my body moving "cute clothing, cute clothing, cute clothing" over and over.

That's the funny thing about my brain. The lazy bitch is also the vain gal. She's the fool who wants to be all cute and hot but isn't willing to put forth the effort needed to achieve the goals she has set for me!

I need to dangle that carrot in front of myself, remind me why I'm doing this. Why I came back to class after 4 months off. Why I refuse to pick up a lighter weight even when I'm struggling hardcore.

Lest you think I'm shallow & vain and am working out only for the physical benefits I should remind you that I'm totally cool with being fat. I'm sexy as hell. My husband loves me and loves my body & I love me and love my body. I don't go to Boot Camp to get skinny. I go to Boot Camp for the mental boost I get. Going to class makes me feel bad ass. I can sit on a train squished between two super models and can still feel smug and superior to both of them. Why? Because I'm STRONG and I'm fearsome. I'm dedicated and determined. Because I love to push myself, see how strong I am. I love seeing my muscles & I know I can pickup things that weigh more than they do on a fat day.

I've come to the conclusion that I'm going to be a fat chick & that's cool with me. What ISN'T cool is being fat and out of shape. Fat and strong, fat & fit are okay with me. Fat and flabby will forever be unacceptable. When I flex my bicep and see  a muscle there, that's the coolest thing every in my book. When I feel my thigh muscles and there is more than fat there, when I can feel a solid strong muscle, that is why I push myself in Boot Camp.

So I go to Boot Camp, get my ass kicked and love it each and every time!