Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Boot Camp & Boobs

It's absolutely no secret that I am a bigger chick.
I stand at 4'11" weigh 190 pounds (that's 90 pounds too much) wear a size 18 in pants, 20 in blouses and never anything smaller than an XL in a tee shirt.
With my other plus sized parts comes a plus sized rack as well. Trying to find a decent walking around bra is difficult, but trying to find a sports bra that would contain the fury that are my boobs during exercise was a damn near impossible task.

Most places either don't make workout bras in my size or the ones they do make are a joke because they don't do ANYTHING to help keep the gals from flopping like fish out of water.

For the first almost 2 years of Boot Camp I wouldn't run, wouldn't jump, wouldn't do anything that would cause the gals to bounce around because it made me feel very self conscious and like a complete fat mess.

I can't remember how I found the shop Title Nine but I know I was on a very frustrated hunt for a bra that would allow me to participate in class 100% and not be held back by the very body I was trying to change.

They had a bra called The Last Resort Bra. They carried it in a cup size one down from mine which I normally wouldn't do but looking at the photo it looked like the gals would be completely strapped in with no place to go and I figured why the hell not. I ordered it and crossed my fingers.

It arrived, I put it on and the angels sang. I'd finally found a bra that kept my 38 F boobs in place. Praise the Lord.

I ordered a second one and not a boot camp class goes by that I'm not wearing one of them.

Except today. Today I'd washed both bras and for some reason forgot to run the dryer. I had neither of my favorite bras to wear to Boot Camp.
I was ready to just skip class (I love these bras that much!) and I realized that was really silly.  I am the one who is always galloping around shouting about how nobody in class cares what anyone else is doing and no matter what we all support each other. So if this was a true statement it shouldn't matter if for today I wear a bra that doesn't do at all what it's supposed to do.
I dug around in my drawer and found a very sub par sports bra that I hate. It gives me Madonna cone tits and does nothing in the area of support for running or jumping.

I put it on anyway and hoped for the best. Maybe we wouldn't run or do jumping jacks today.

Right out of the chute we did three sets of jumping jacks. Below is the video. It ain't pretty.

Despite the flipping and flopping I'm proud of myself for pushing through my vain self consciences insecurities and getting to class and then once I was there, not using the lack of decent support as an excuse to punk out on the exercises!

Today was a good day.

I've started to video class because there are no mirrors. The videos feed both my ego and my desire to witness my bad ass strength and the practical side of me who wants to be sure I'm doing the exercises correctly and wants to see what we can improve on in the future.

You are under NO obligation to sit through the entire video or any of the video! If you want to though, have at it!

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