Friday, December 23, 2011


Thanks to vacation and then a crazy pre-christmas week I haven't been to Boot Camp or even slapped on my sneakers in about 2 weeks.
That's bad, bad stuff. I know I need to go back because I'm totally starting to get soft and lose my beloved muscle tone.

As I was thinking about Boot Camp and exercise in general I wished that I was one of those people that craved movement and exercise.
I'm not though. I go because I always feel good after and because I know I need to go but I don't ever get weird or stressed out if I don't go.

I have lots of pals who can't, physically, mentally cannot skip some form of exercise on a daily basis. It messes with their psyche and screws with their moods.
I envy them.

If I don't move, don't exercise and keep my fat ass in front of my computer I never get that internal itch, or that alarm that tells me to get up and get out.

The closest I can get to any anxiety about the lack of exercise is knowing how it's going to hurt when I go back. 
Once I'm back and in my groove I'm a fearsome beast, always trying to beat my own records, set new personal goals and I'm as focused as anyone ever could be.

I know lots of Strength training folks abide by the "no excuses" rule and let nothing, NOTHING get in the way of their training. It comes above all else to them.

I truly wish that I could be like that. It's not that I'm not driven or disciplined. I am. I will put whatever I need into meeting my own goals it's just that if something else in my life needs me I will not go out of my way, at whatever cost to be sure I move or lift or sweat that day.

I will skip that day and the next if I have to, and the next without a hint of regret or guilt.

My schedule gives me two Boot Camp classes to chose from on a daily basis. I can do the 9am or the 10am M-F.
If I wanted to skip kissing my kids goodnight or eating dinner with my husband I could go and do the 7:15pm or 8:00pm but I'm not going to do that.

See? Not willing to give it up for the sake of exercise. I have my very own Kettlebell here in my apartment but no room inside to swing it. Seriously. This place is THAT small.

Tomorrow morning however, I AM going to attempt a run. I might only get around the block but something will be better than nothing right?

If nothing else I know it will feel good when I'm done.

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