Thursday, November 28, 2013


I am always thankful for all the things we are all thankful for, friends, family, health, roof over my head. This year though I'm adding one more.
I am thankful for my body. It truly is an amazing machine. This has not been an easy year for me. I came back after taking 4 months off and it's been fraught with injuries that have slowed my progress down throughout the year.
I have not let any of them set me back or slow me down though. I have worked through all injuries and grown stronger and more confident and amazed at what my body can do.
Because of the work we do in class at boot camp I don't see my strength and don't feel the strides or the changes but then I compare video of where I was and where I am and I'm blown away.
This vlog and video shows the first time I ever picked up the log (and it's 70 pounds, not 110) You can see me struggle with it.
Then there is this video I took yesterday.

To me that is just amazing...

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