Monday, October 10, 2011

Class Today

Today is Columbus Day so I had both boys with me at Boot Camp. Got there early for the 9am and decided to go for a run around the block. Had to walk part of it but it felt good to do the block again.

This was the class today:
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I was NOT feeling Burpees today (despite knowing how good they are for me) so I did pushups and dips in their place. I did the same reps as the Burpees just changed the exercise.

All the Kettlebell work I did with a 15 pound bell.

At the end of class I checked in with the kids and they agreed that I could stay for the 10am class too so I got to do this all over again. Once again, I subbed pushups for the Burpees. I didn't do any dips in the second class.

When we were all done, I went and grabbed the 45 pound Kettlebell and did 20 overhead presses with it.

My arms are currently rubber but I'm proud of the effort I put forth today. I worked hard!

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