Saturday, October 8, 2011

This week and ahead

This week was rough for me. I'd promised myself that I was going to do back to back boot camp classes right up until our cruise.

Since I did that bike ride last Sunday I wasn't up to class on Monday, Tuesday I woke up sick and had to go to school to get Lion who remained home with me for the rest of the week, Wednesday Lion only allowed me to do one class rather than back to back and then Thursday class was freakin BRUTAL:

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I somehow got Lion to agree to let me do back to backs on Thursday though so I got to do this twice in a row. (Some form of twisted penance for missing classes this week?)
Yesterday I also only was allowed to do one class and today Linda asked me to cover her 12pm class which means I wouldn't get a chance to take a class today.

After the class ended, Mike and the kids waited around for me while I did a quick rundown of this workout. Lion was uber cranky so I didn't get to do it again as I would have if I was alone.  Rather than get pissy about it, I tossed in a rapid fire round of 25 push ups at the end and thanked my lucky stars I was able to do even one round and get some exercise in today.

Monday the kids are off of school which means they will be at class with me, Tuesday I have a meeting at school at 11am so I can do back to backs but have no time to fart around after and Wednesday I'll do back to backs. Our flight leaves on Wednesday evening.

I seriously hate having my goals and plans shuffled around and I feel like I didn't work my body as much this week as I would have liked. I also didn't get to run around the block once with my beloved (Mistress) Coach Jesse because I had the Lion with me and he's my shadow.

Normally I wouldn't really care about pushing so hard right up untill the day we leave on vacation but this isn't a normal trip. This is the first mommy and daddy only, no children trip we've taken in 8 years.
We are treating it as our 2nd Honeymoon and I want to look as good as I can. Of course, as I've discussed before there will no doubt be some of this:

and I refuse to let them think they are hotter than me. (Not that the gals in these two photos will be on the ship, just that this type of gal will be on the ship)

On a good note, I just took 4 tops over to the tailor to be taken IN because they are officially far too big on me and I can't wear them and want them for the cruise. (GO ON WITH MY BAD SELF)

I'm going to have to come up with a plan for the 5 days I'm away and on the ship. I know they have free weights and machines but I'm not at all used to working with any of this stuff.
If they have any open space I'll do what I can from the above two workouts and will see if David wants to loan a tension band to me and I'll pack a jump rope.

I found out it's 11 laps around the jogging track to a mile (Not that I'm even CLOSE to a mile yet) but on Tuesday I'll trot around the block with my pedometer and see how many steps and how far the distance is.

On the first stop which is an island called Half Moon Cay which has an hour and a half bike tour of the island or a combo bike and hike tour. Hubs wants to swim and snorkle so maybe I'll do some of that with him and one of these tours as well.  The bike ride is only 3 miles but I'll take what I can get!

I'm aware that most folks go on a cruise for this:

and consuming a LOT of this:
I will do all the relaxing and consuming that I can but I also need to do the best I can to keep myself on track so when I'm back home I don't hang my head in shame or regret anything I did.

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