Monday, February 27, 2012

Working through pain

Sometimes I get so frustrated with my body I want to scream. I've been working with a running regiment building myself up to be fit and ready to keep up with my team mates for the insane Spartan Dash in June
My muscles are NOT happy with me AT ALL. I've been struggling with really awful Lactic Acid Burn in my calves which I know will end in time and with training but today we were doing a drill where we jogged half the studio and sprinted as fast as we could down the other side, jog, sprint, jog, sprint three rounds and then into jog, side shuffle, three rounds one side, three rounds the other side and I couldn't bear it and I had to stop running.

I tried ever single pep talk I've ever given myself, tried to tell myself to push through it, that I needed to toughen up and get it done but the burn was horrid. It really felt like my calves had been doused in acid.
Combine that with my super weak lower back muscles that made working with any weight over 15 pounds completely impossible today.

 Actually that's not entirely true. Before my body had time to protest at the very start of class we did a series of 10 Kettlebell swings, 10 high pulls and 10 overhead presses for three rounds. I was able to blow them out of the water with the 27 pound Kettlebell and I could have gone heavier and now regret not going with the 33 pound Kettlebell. If I'm going to wind up in pain, might as well take maximum advantage of the pain free time my body allows me.

We then did the studio jog around (we do indoor laps around the studio) and that's when my calves started screwing with me.
We then went back to Kettlebell work, doing between the legs figure 8s and side overhead presses and halos or ribbons and I had the 15 pound bell the whole time.

It was a total crap day and will continue in this vein for a while. My lower back is a long standing issue. Unless I work out every single day and take little or no time off (a day at the most) I'm in constant, chronic pain when I try to lift or work with the heavier weights. I need to keep those muscles strong all the time and lately I've been taking too much time off of Boot Camp and I'm paying for it now.

I have to rebuild those muscles and just wince and push through the pain while at the same time, dealing with the leg burn from those exhausted confused muscles.

It's the most frustrating thing when my mind and my soul are ready to kick ass and push push push and go go go but my body wants to do anything but cooperate.

I have the strength and the will but the endurance and the body aren't on the same level.

I hate having to punk out on the exercises everyone else is doing and I hate to have to keep running to David telling him things hurt so I try to work through it.

Ask my serious running friends what to do about the calf pain and then told me to use the foam rollers before and after class on the front and backs of my legs so I'll do that tomorrow.

For my back I know I just have to alternate between light and heavy weights.

I know that taking time off is the worst thing I can do because it's never going to get better if I don't push through and strengthen these muscles but it's not making class any fun for me.

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