Sunday, March 4, 2012

MS Climb to the Top

Today was the MS Society Climb to the Top event.
I'm not gonna lie. It felt harder than last year.  I took more breaks this time,stopped on more landings but each of my breaks were short, around 15 to 20 seconds each.
My calf muscles ached more this time up and I'm thinking it's because I've been running and working the muscles more.
I jumped into both rest stops, at the first one I was panting too hard to even drink the cup of water. The second one I sat for a minute and had a Gatorade and then pushed myself up.
Then all of a sudden I was at the last set of steps. I paused at the bottom and summoned every single ounce of strength I had and sprinted up the stairs and out the door. I paused for my photo and my medal and then found a bench and gave my gams a rest.

If you watch the video you will hear me say that I had set a goal to finish this year in 1/2 an hour.
This is my time from last year:
and my time from this year:
That's a difference of over 12 minutes!! PLUS I beat my own projected goal time!
Very proud of me!

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