Saturday, November 27, 2010

Cupcake Goal

It's time to get back on track and get serious. I've been doing a whole lotta internal therapy and one of the steps I need to take to like myself more and regain some of my lost confidence is get back to taking the weight off and getting back to turning myself into a serious bad ass.
Because I'm goal driven (I can't get motivated to just do. I have to have a reason for doing.) my goal is my cupcake tattoo.
My promise to myself is that I will take off 50 pounds and once I do, I can go and sit for this tattoo. (I'm going to be making some changes to it. The banner will be more centered and proportionate to the cupcake)  

Two days a week, I'm going to supplement Boot Camp with stair runs. The Monroe Center which is where Boot Camp is held has a good set of unused stairs (that are semi creepy) that are 5 stories with 2 sets and a landing on each floor. Tuesday I'll start slowly and do as many as I can. I'll chart over here each time I do them.

The whole reason I'm doing this is because I've signed up for Climb to the Top for MS. I have 13 weeks to get in shape and ready for it.
That means I have 26 climb sessions.

Wish me luck!

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