Thursday, February 17, 2011

Life is good

Yesterday was my birthday.
I celebrated by inviting a few of my friends to a great place in the city called Alice's Tea Cup.
Since I hadn't been to Boot Camp Monday or Tuesday I decided I was going to do some walking.
I walked from the kids school to the PATH train (1.5 miles) took the PATH into the city and then walked from 33rd Street and Broadway up to 73rd and Columbus Avenue (2.5 miles).

My heel ached the entire way and I'm quite sure I was limping much of the walk but I completed my goal and walked 4 miles yesterday.

Walking in the city makes me happy. So much to see if you take the time to look.

Today I finally made it back to Boot Camp, first day this week and since the weather is so nice David had us running.
I am not one who jogs or runs and I'm REALLY not looking to jog or run with this damn heel spur but I am all for pushing myself and seeing where my limits lie so I jogged and even sprinted the last lap!

Did 50 step ups onto the tire with the 15 pound Kettlebell and noticed that my legs don't really get tired or wobbly so I'm not sure what it is that stops me once I get going. It's not exhaustion in my legs. I'm going to have to pay attention to that...

Tomorrow is my fundraiser bake sale so today after such a great Boot Camp workout I'm going to be baking cupcakes and cookies and dipping things in chocolate...

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