Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Staying on track

Today thanks to some icky, nasty ice the kids had off of school.

My laptop is in for service with some sort of virus that was obtained looking for cheat codes for the PS3 Star Wars game. No. I was not the one searching for the codes. It was my 7 year old son.

Heavy sigh.

So we are down to just one computer for 4 people and the PS3.

It's 7:00 and it's the first time all day I've had a chance to get on the computer.

Since I didn't want to watch big son playing video games and I couldn't get on the computer, I did what I guess I should have done all along. Rested my feet and legs.

I sat in my room, snuggling with the Basset Hound and playing with my IPhone.

Today was the perfect day for me to snack in a mindless fashion. To eat without thinking, to pop things in my mouth without regard.

I didn't though. I had a protein shake and oatmeal with fruit. That was it.

I also didn't freak out about missing a day of working out. (never mind that I have less than a month to train for the 66 flights of stairs I'm trotting up on Feb 27th - and breathe. We are breathing. Deep inhale and exhale...)

I let today be a day of rest for my body and tomorrow I'll get back to Boot Camp and see how the gams feel.

Just proud that I didn't undo the hard work I've been doing...

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