Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pushing through the pain

I've mentioned once or twice how bad this @#%$@#^% heel spur is and how it has me walking like the thousand year old man and how painful it is.

What I haven't mentioned because it hasn't been an issue lately is my tailbone.
Almost a year ago now, I bruised my tailbone really badly. (At this point I think it might go beyond a bruise and could be a hairline fracture because of how long it has been going on for)

Sitting anywhere on a hard surface was (is) trouble. The ungodly pain that radiates along my butt and thighs when I stand up brings tears to my eyes. I also can't stand up quickly. It takes me a good 20 seconds to get up out of a chair. That might not seem like much but try it. It's an absurd amount of time to do something that takes most folks less than a second.

I've heated, iced, applied muscle relaxers, sat on a hernia ring (Shut up. It's supposed to help) gone for massage and gobbled Tylenol like pacman.

I did all this knowing the best thing for it is going to be time. It was too till somehow I must have aggravated it again and now the ungodly pain is back.

So, now between my foot and my lower back, it hurts to stand up and walk, and it hurts to sit down.
You would think that these two issues would make exercise impossible because if you can't walk without limping and you can't sit you can't do much in a gym or in a class.

I've discovered that's completely and totally untrue.  Yesterday in class I was on the floor doing situps and trunk twists and then doing steups on and off the tire and I was doing squats and mountain climbers and NONE OF IT HURT ME.

All my aches and pains disappear in class. Once in a while I'll feel the heel a little but but I don't limp in class and I can rise from a sitting position with no troubles.

I think it's safe to say that that half an hour class is the only time in my day when I'm NOT in some sort of pain.

Is it endorphins? Is it my mind focusing on everything else? Is it my body blocking out the ongoing issues to focus on the muscle burn?  Don't know but when I see my doctor later on this month I'm going to ask him!

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