Thursday, April 28, 2011

Boot Camp Today

Today the kiddos and I went to the 10am Boot Camp and it was just myself and one other student.
One of the things I really love Hoboken Boot Camps is that they don't get all pissy or tweaked when I bring the kids. No one huffs at me or rolls their eyes or whines about them being there (at least not to my face!) and in turn my kids are HUGE fans of the classes and it's a treat for them to come with me to class.

They look forward to it, ask to go and if we should for some reason skip a class they are disappointed
You find me another studio or another group of coaches who don't mind the kids using their equipment as a playground .

I've been going to class for a year and a half and so have they. Saturday classes and when they are on break from school they come with me.

At this point, they know many of the exercises and the moves and have learned how to respect and handle the Kettlebells.

Today since it was just myself and another student I allowed them to be a part of class. Patrick, my oldest at a wise ancient 7 years on this planet helped Jesse teach and was the "official" timekeeper for our 40 second periods. The Lion decided he was going to participate in class today and he was AWESOME. Today was Static Hold day and it was NOT easy.

We had to hold a Kettlebell out in front of us, arms straight for 40 seconds. Lion was right there with us (sort of) holding a 10 pound bell to his chest for the full time. We then had to "sit" against a wall with a jump rope holding up one leg. Again he was right next to me with his own jump rope holding his leg out and sitting in a semi squat.

When we took our bells out to the loading dock to do a walking overhead press he was right there holding his 10 pound bell to his chest walking with us.

Did I mention the Lion turns 6 next Friday? Yeah. Let me tell you how humbling it is when I'm struggling with the weight I chose and my baby boy is blowing by me laughing.

It was a GREAT class and I'm glad the boys got to be a part of it. It makes them feel important and special.  That makes me happy.

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