Saturday, April 30, 2011


I am out of my mind. I'm sitting here exhausted and it's 8:30pm and I'm considering going to bed.
I think my husband is right and I've packed way too much into this weekend.

Today I hosted my fundraiser Vicious & Virtuous which benefited my walk team "Team Brian The Lion" and Autism Speaks.

Today while we were getting ready for the event and I was running around we got a call from the realtor that someone wanted to come and look at our apartment. I had to drop what I was doing and all hands on deck we cleaned the place up to make it semi presentable for a prospective buyer.

I then had to switch back and scramble to make sure we had everything we needed, the kids both had pants on and matching shoes, that I hadn't forgotten to put on my bra and get everyone out the door to the bar where V&V was held.

It was a total success with the final amount raised at over $400 but I'm absolutely wiped out.

It's behind me and I can now focus on the 42 miles I have to bike tomorrow.  My first concern is what to wear. It's going to be partly cloudy and a high of 66. The 60's are tricky because I'm never sure if I should do long or short sleeves. I do not want to bring a sweatshirt to this event and I'm leaning towards short sleeves & shorts on my bottom.

I really need to stop over thinking this don't I? ::Sigh::

I'm packing protein bars, a bagel with peanut butter, 2 bottles of water, a small thing of Gatorade, Tylenol, tissues, chapstick...

I took the bike to the shop yesterday to get tuned up and since it was only a few blocks away from my mom's I decided to ride. I got about 1/2 a block before I thought I was going to die. My legs were killing me and my heart was hammering out of my chest. It was like I was pedaling on sand.

I immediately panicked. What happened?! When did I get so weak? HOW was I going to pedal 42 miles on Sunday if I can't go half a block? (Cue the headless chicken)

The rational voice in my head piped up "Bike has been in storage since October. Maybe the tires just need air and the chain needs oil?"

I walked it to the shop and dropped it off explaining that it felt like I was riding uphill and asked them to tune her up.

I ran out of time and asked my sister to please pick her up. Bison the Bicycle waits untested for me to take on the adventure tomorrow.

42 miles on my 60 pound pink beach cruiser. I'm sitting here now looking at the photo from last year and remembering how absolutely exhausted I was and how I'd stopped and considered quitting after only 15 miles but pushed on and was able to do another 15.

This year will be different. I'm sure I'll struggle but I'm going to deal with the struggles differently. I'm not going to let that little voice of doubt get in my way. Rather than focusing on the pedals and the pain, I'm going to pay attention to the amazing city and neighborhoods I'm riding through.

I anticipate having to walk the bike over the bridges but that's okay. KYL right?

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