Friday, April 1, 2011


It's Friday again and my body is ready for a break.  This week seems to have been squat/jump week. Every single day we've been doing crazy reps of star jumps, squat jumps, jumping jacks, burpees, tire work & Bosu Ball.

Remember that three weeks ago, I was the gal who didn't do these exercises. Now that I've rededicated myself and really decided to stop screwing around I've been going as balls to the wall as I can with all the exercises and not shying away from anything.

Today we were doing team drills, one of us did 60 jumping jacks and the other had to do Burpees till your partner was done, from there it was right into 40 squat jumps with your partner doing pushups till you were done, then 40 star jumps with your partner holding a plank position, right into 60 trunk twists with your partner doing something else that I've clearly blocked out to save my mental sanity and the last one we did was shoulder taps in a pushup position. 40 of those.
(I know I've got that wrong & I'm missing an exercise or two. I'll take a photo of the board tomorrow) Thank GOD I paired up with a classmate who's in awesome shape and was able to work fast and bang out the exercises with me.

When you were done with that you grabbed a Kettlebell & did a walking overhead press and walking lunges.
Then we went back and did the team drills AGAIN. At some point my poor legs couldn't do it anymore and so I went and did dips using the same rep counts as whatever exercise I was supposed to be doing.

It was this high intensity style all week. What a week I picked to decided to not go half assed anymore!!!

I realized today in the middle of class when my legs were screaming at me, that the level of exhaustion my legs were feeling after only 15 mins of class was identical to the way they felt last year at the 5 Boro Bike tour at about the 15 mile mark.

Don't know about you but when 15 minutes of cardio work feels the same as riding a bike 15 miles I think that's a crazy intense class.

I'm tired. My shoulder and upper back muscles are tight and so sore right now from the dips & pushups, & my poor short stubby stems. They are so tired.
I will go to class tomorrow to keep the promise I made to myself but I will go light on the weights and go easy with myself.

On the super up side, a friend told me my butt looked smaller! Perhaps all my hard work is starting to pay off?!

Three more Boot Camps till Disney World...

Editing to add photo of the white board. It was altered for the classes later in the day.
We didn't do ankle touches, we did jumping jacks and we did squat jumps rather than V ups and Star Jumps rather than Ribbons (some of you call the move Halo)

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