Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Today was the most crap day at Boot Camp in recent memory.

I struggled from the second I set foot in the studio right through till I walked out the door.

I had zero energy to get through class and for the first time in a long time found myself shaving numbers off reps to get through them or completely punking out on exercises all together because I just couldn't muster the energy to get them done.

By the end I was done, over, finished, kaput but I really hate missing a day of training so I attempted it and it was a big old flop.

My 100 swings got broken down to about 30/5 thanks to a phone call I had to take and then the 4 sets of 10 Clean & Presses we were supposed to do was chaotic, low energy, bad form and no where near the numbers I was supposed to do.

Snatches were more of the same. Unfocused and sloppy.

The only good thing I did today was focus on my feet and keeping them planted during the moves. I tried really hard not to roll my ankle and foot over.

David suggested that perhaps at this point we are over training. That taking a full Boot Camp class and following it up with a training session is too much and the reason we are struggling with the training.

I think (as usual) he's right on the mark.
Pushing too hard can be as detrimental to a body as under training.

Starting tomorrow Linda and I are going to skip class and just focus on training for the Workshop.

We are getting together at 9am at the Studio and will most likely just train outside while the 9am class does their thing inside.

Hopefully this will help us both get back on track.

All I know is tomorrow come hell or high water I'm going to have more energy than I did today and attack the training like a rabid dog.

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