Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Today's work out and training

It is currently 89 degrees but feels like 91 with 55% humidity. I dropped the kids off and by the time I'd walked to Boot Camp I was already soaked with sweat and exhausted.  Yesterday I struggled with serious low energy and today wasn't much different. This heat is my Kryptonite. It just sucks all my energy and leaves me so so tired and feeling like I can't do anything.
This was our class today:

Because I've promised to push myself hard every day I did the 40 trunk twists with a 25 pound Kettlebell. Normally I'd struggle a little but today it was absolute torture. Once we cycled through all of this once we went out for a run (I don't run. I power walk.) and came back in where David told us to all grab a Kettlebell.
I was searching for a lighter one but David nixed that and told me to use the 25 pound gal.

We were told to do half circles with them, hold the kettlebell on one side (we were seated) and go up and over your head in an arc or half circle so the bell landed on the other side, then same thing back the other way.

I did about 10 before my arms couldn't lift that weight anymore. I asked Coach Mike to grab me a 15 pound gal and even with the 10 pound lighter weight I was struggling.

Then from there we did seated overhead presses and at this point my arms were howling at me. This time it wasn't my brain that wanted me to quit. It was my muscles. I tried so hard to tune them out and focus on my goals (Bathing  Suit is top of the list followed closely buy those cute halter tops in my closet and then the upcoming Certification. Clearly my priorities are in order.)

He finally told us to put the Kettlebell down and pick up the reistance band he had placed by each of us. I was so thankful that he'd given me a black one and not the thick orange or purple.

We stood and pushed the band up overhead and slowly pushed our arms out from vertical to horizontal. This work usually destroys my arms and leaves me crazy sore the following day but for some reason I was okay today. Then we put our arms up overhead again with the band and got down into a squat.

There was more that my brain has decided to dump for self preservation but the end of class was another 20 Burpees.

That's a total of 130 Burpees in a 35 minuite period in high humidity and heat, not including the other stuff we did inbetween. 
The sweat was dripping off me and I was so exhausted and just wanted to lie down and sleep.

I knew though that if I didn't force myself to do the 11am training I was going to regret it.

100 swings broken down to three sets of  40/40/20. I started and completed the first 40 with the 27 pound Kettlebell but that was it. I knew I had to admit that I didn't have the strength to continue with that weight and go lighter. I grabbed the 17 pound Kettlebell and did the remaining swings with that.

After the swings David had us do 10 sets of 5 clean and presses on each side.  The only thing that  kept me going is that we were talking throughout the whole thing. Actually David and I were yapping. Mike and Linda were focusing their energy on the work. (Smart kids they are)

I though my tank was empty till David declared he was doing snatches. I demanded to know how many he was doing. 20 on each side was the reply.
This immediately got my competitive blood flowing and I said "ME TOO!"
Somehow I dug crazy deep and found the energy to get 20 on each side done.

David then said was going to do 15 on each side. Again I cried "ME TOO!" and stopped thinking and just started doing snatches. I got 12 on the left and 10 on the right.

I'm proud of myself for today. I pushed hard but wasn't stupid and didn't let my ego get in the way.  I knew when my body had really really had enough and knew that rather than walk away and throw in the towel that I needed to push forward but with a lighter weight.

After a class that left me feeling drained, exhausted and weak I was still able to do , 100 swings, 50 Clean and Press-es on each side and 35 Snatches with my left arm and 32 with my right.

I really want to go and sleep for a zillion years now.

Linda summed up the way we all feel about Burpees perfectly:

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