Saturday, July 2, 2011


Let me tell you people, I am freakin TIRED. Last week I sent an email out to the coaches at Boot Camp who are taking the Kettlebell Certification with me telling them that we NEED to get serious about training.
No more fooling around, no more excuses. If we (I) want to have a hope in hell of both surviving the weekend course and passing the certification we  (I) needed to start training every single day.

I guess I struck a nerve because everyday this week I've been taking the 10am class and then at 11am (We usually start earlier) we train for about 40 mins to an hour depending on what time we start.
The time constraints are mine. My kids are in the summer enrichement program at school and it gets out at noon.

I'm loving this 11am training session. I love the groove we all have and how dedicated we all are to this common goal.  Do we spend a lot of time yapping and horsing around? Yup we do but we are working hard so it balances out.

Since there is no physical way I can drop 80 pounds in a month I will have to use the 12kg Kettlebell during the certification and workshop (There is a rule that if you are under 45kg you can use the 8kg Kettlebell)  so I've really been trying to use the 12kg weight for all the Kettlebell work we do in class and in training.

12kg = 27 pounds.

I know 27 pounds doesn't sound like a whole lot and in a different circumstance it might not be but when it's concentrated in an iron cannonball it feels like a million pounds after a very short while.

My swings are okay. I've got the strength and confidence to rock out the required 100 with no trouble. I think I'll be okay with the squats as well but the clean and press and the snatches are what I'm currently struggling with.

On Wednesday I realized that I've been so focused on the testing portion of this whole weekend I've not even thought about the rest of the workshop that will be non stop intense work. I'm guessing it's going to be more intense than anything I've done before. 

From what I've read they do a lot of  work with timed cycles. After I read one guys blog about his experience I was sorry I'd read it. What I read scared me a little. Okay, it scared me a lot.

16 minutes of 1 hand cleans? 4 minutes of 1 handed swings with only 1 hand switch allowed? 12 minutes of snatches?! 2 minutes of squats?!

I knew I was going to have to really step up and seriously seriously push myself in class as well as during practice. I was going to have to learn to drown out that voice that whines when I'm working hard and convinces me to quit before my body is ready and really focus on listening to my muscles and only quitting when they are at their breaking point.

So that's what I've been doing for 6 days straight.
As a result the palms of my hands are a war zone. I have broken blisters and more new calluses than I can count. I have multiple new bruises on my legs and the muscles in my arms are not speaking to me anymore.

The blisters are presenting a problem that I didn't anticipate. It HURTS to grip anything. Really, really hurts. Like tears to my eyes hurts.
Coach Mike picked us both up gloves and while they might help to prevent futher damage they don't help the pain of what is currently going on with my paws.

Today I was doing 1 handed swings and the cut on the palm of my left hand made it just that much harder to get the work done.

Not practicing isn't an option so I have to suck it up and push on through. I'm hoping once I reach the other side of this journey I will be just a little bit tougher than I am today. I'm making an effort to not whine and bitch to my family since this whole thing is my own doing and my own choice. I'll just whine and bitch here to you guys.

The video from yesterday's training. It's on the long side but I'm really proud of myself for the work I did. Yesterday was the first day I decided to push and ignore that voice in my head and go till my muscles couldn't anymore.

We started out with 2 sets of 50 swings and then when David arrives we did 5 sets of 20 swings.  Then we did the Clean and Press and we did 5 on each side, then 6 on each side, then 7 on each side, then 8 all the way to 10 on each side.

Remember that prior to this I did a full Boot Camp class:

that left my arms tired so I'm surprised I was able to last as long as I did with the 12kg Bell. 200 swings, work with the ropes and I'm still able to do about 35 C&P before the muscle exhaustion forced me to switch to a lighter weight.

What you don't see because the camera died is that after we were done with our Kettlebell work David decided it would be a ton of fun to do wheelbarrows with each other. Linda and I and he and Mike. We did 3 sets and by the last one where I was the wheelbarrow portion I thought for the first time in the 2 years I've been going to Boot Camp I was going to throw up. My body was so exhausted and my muscles had absolutely had enough.  Thankfully I didn't lose my breakfast but to get to that point is a whole new place for me!

David keeps attacking me with the grip chalk and I'm plotting my revenge on him...

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