Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Thoughts on me...

So today I ditched the 10am Boot Camp for some retail therapy with a good friend who just lost her father.

We got back in time for me to do my 11am training and when I arrived David & Jesse were no where to be found but Mike was teaching the class.

Apparently David and Jesse decided to take the newest member of the Boot Camp family and jump her in via a nutso crazy bad ass workout.

They wandered back in around 11 looking like a pack of zombies.

I could  not imagine what they had done to make 3 of the most in shape folks I know look like the walking dead.

Wanna know what they did?

100 box jumps with a weighted vest
20 box jumps without the vest
40 box jumps with a lap in between each set of 10
60 straight box jumps no run
(are you all keeping up with this math!? That's 220 box jumps and 4 laps)
Then that clearly wasn't enough for these crazy kids so they all grabbed a tire weight, slung it over their shoulders and ran to the stairs where they did 5 flights of stairs 5 times (5 X 5 = 25 flights) dumped the tire weight and did 5 more rounds of the 5 flights (another 25 flights!)

Did I mention that Jesse did a full Boot Camp class prior to this zany workout?!

My first reaction? Straight up jealousy. The little kid in me is stamping her foot and pouting
"I wanna do it too!" 

The trouble is if I'd attempted even one of these things I'd be on the floor having a heart attack.

I STILL struggle with all things cardio. I don't understand it and it frustrates me more than anything else on this planet.

Will I ever be able to run the loading dock more than half way without feeling like I'm going to drop from exhaustion? Will I ever be able to do more than 5 burpees without struggling and having to go to the easier version? Will star jumps or sit ups or jumping jacks ever not leave me drained?

I know it's not my heart beacuse I just had it checked and it's doing it's thing in the proper fashion. It can't be my muscles because I'm able to lift the weights and Kettlebells with no trouble. 

I think perhaps a visit to my doctor is in order.  Perhaps there is something going on that I'm not aware of. Perhaps there is a physical explanation to why I have absolutely no staminia for anything that gets my heart rate elevated.

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps...

Here is video of today. The four folks you see are the Hoboken Boot Camp coaches. My beloved Mistress Jesse is the one laying down in the back, David has the green shirt on, Linda is the newest coach (and the one I believe they were hazing with this workout today) and then Mike who has his back to the camera most of the time.

Thoughts on this video:
I think my swings will always be "squaty" simply because of how I am shaped and the length of my legs.
I love how strong my arms look when I'm doing swings.
I love that I worked hard enough yesterday to have a raw spot in the palm of my left hand.
I don't love how much it hurt today when I gripped the Kettlebell with that hand.
I'm still hoisting the Kettbell during the Clean and Press. I believe this will change with the heavier weight and I'm going to test this theory tomorrow.
My arms currently feel like Jello supported by popsicle sticks and I'm really thankful for this quick and easy practice session today. I don't think I could have done much more.

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