Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Today's Report

I went to the 10am Boot Camp today and David was feeling FEISTY.

He had us jog to the other building at the Monroe Center and do the 6 flights of stairs (that's about 100 stairs) up and down twice then jog back, walking lunges the length of the loading dock, and then I swear to God my brain has erased what we did for the middle portion other than at some point we found ourselves running BACK to the other building for 2 more rounds of stairs and then back to the studio for trunk twist and overhead presses with the Kettlebells.

Stupid me I grabbed and stayed with the 20 pound bell. Hindsight being what it is, I should have gone much lighter but I'm a stubborn gal who loves to push my own boundries and boy am I paying for it now!

By the time class was over I was TOAST. Of course I'd agreed to stick around to take part in a video shoot for the studio that meant my workout was not done.

David wanted to show all the things offered at Boot Camp so we did Yoga with my beloved Mistress Jesse and then Brazilian Jujitsu.

In the Yoga portion Jesse had us in a downward dog position:

 and then into a Warrior Pose.

This progression  required me to, while still in the V shape of the downward dog take my right (and later the left) leg and bring it up between my hands in a sort of a lunge position. I think my foot was lined up with my boobs. There was no way I had the range of motion or the flexibility to get that foot up by my hands.

I really liked Yoga though and despite my struggle would for sure do it again.

Onto the Jujitsu portion of the workout.
He had us down in a super low squat to practice a Frog Walk. Super low squat, straight back, hands in front of you. Think of how a cat looks when they are sitting.

I am NOT built to move this way. I was up on my toes to get my hands to touch the floor. The only way I would have been able to do what he was requesting would have been if I was sitting down.

When he asked us to put our foot where our opposite hand was I had to supress a snort.
I am short and I am compact. I cannot at this stage in the game get my body to do that so I did the best that I could but if there is anything that appears more ungraceful or uncoordinated than I did trying to make that move I dare you to find it for me.

I respect the hell out of folks who can get down with the different forms of Martial Arts but I don't think I will ever be one of them.

After the Jujitsu & Yoga we went to the Boot Camp portion. David hollered out what he wanted to showcase (Someone on the ship ropes, someone on the Bosu Ball, someone doing Burpees and again I'm having a mental block because I can't remember the other stations) I called dibs on the Kettlebell. He wanted simple swings and I thought I had enough left in my tank to crank out a few good swings. I grabbed the 8kg bell which is about 17 pounds. David swooped in and snatched away the sweet pink bell and replaced it with the 16kg or 45 pound purple beastie.

I think I eaked out about 10 swings before I had to drop down to the blue 12kg or 26 pounds. 
I can't wait to see this video when it's done.

If nothing else, perhaps my presence and my very obvious struggle to keep up and do the moves will encourange folks who think they can't do the stuff at Boot Camp to come and give it a shot! I keep saying if I can do it, ANYONE can do it. This video should prove it.

Don't think I'm putting myself down. I'm not. I just know I'm a little fat white momma with awful balance, zero rhythm and fat in places that make getting my short stubby legs the places they were supposed to be today damn near impossible. 

Anyone remember those workout videos in the 1980's where they had two different students behind the teacher, one doing high impact and one doing low?

Found this on YouTube and as a small aside, my mother and I used to do this very video.

I'm the gal in red. I'm the low impact, not as intense or as fit or strong as everyone else in class student.  I'm there, I'm participating and I'm even having a great time but I'm in no way as advanced or as in shape as those around me. 

I'm also really really okay with that. I actually like it. I like that when folks see me they don't see a super toned, crazy in shape, zero bodyfat, never breaking a sweat or out of breath kinda gal.

They see someone on a journey and if they stick around, they might see some really cool changes along the way

I'm so exhausted right now my eyelashes hurt. The lunges down the loading dock  & the stairs destroyed my legs (in a good way) and the Kettlebell work combined with the Yoga means my arms are screaming at me right now.

Over all it was a good good day

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