Monday, June 27, 2011


Today was I think, my most bad ass day at Boot Camp yet. I put 110 pounds up over my head 20 times.
David and I had agreed to start getting serious about training for the Certification and decided we were going to start training every day M-F at 11am.

Unsure what our training would entail I decided that I wanted to do the 10am Boot Camp and then stick around to work with David after.

Class kicked my rear end as usual (Mistress Jesse taught today and when she teaches you are going to work hard.) and so by the time David and I got started I was tired.

I fully expected to do more work with the Kettlebells, but after almost 2 years you would think I'd know David well enough to know not to anticipate or assume I know what's in that pretty little head of his.

Today he decided that we needed to not focus on just training with the Kettlebells but true overall strength training.  He very wisely told me that if you have the over all strength than whatever task you set out to acheive will be easy.

That line of thinking made a hell of a lot of sense to me and I was really excited to get started with a new way of training.

On the floor in front of me, David placed this evil looking thing:
I'd seen it leaning on the wall but we never ever used it in class so I wasn't sure what it was.

I was informed it's called "A Log" and I was going to squat down, and lift it over my head 5 times.

See the thing about this critter is, it doesn't LOOK heavy. Right? I mean take a look at that photo above. It looks easy to lift and not like a device of torture at all. 
I was immediately skeptical because I know David doesn't do easy. He does simple and uncomplicated but not easy.

So I squated, brought it to my knees to rest and attempted to hoist it to my chest and then above my head.

Floor to knees was not difficult. Knees to chest? LORD did I struggle. I knew that I was supposed to be explosive with my movements but the only way it seemed I could get that damn thing from my knees to my chest was to lean all the way back and drag it up.

This clearly was NOT the way it was supposed to be done.
You will see in the first video that the first rep I did I did the proper way(and you see me ask David for a spot almost immediatley beacuse I KNEW I was going to have a hard time with this one) and then it was a struggle for the following 4.

My arms did not want to help me so I kept leaning further back to move the log into position which caused my balance to be off completely.
(My ego insists that I inform you all that while David has his hands under the log he's not helping in any way. I'm doing all the work. He's just there as my saftey net in case my arms gave out. )

The second I put it down, I demanded to know the weight of that steel beast. David wasn't sure. Maybe 75 pounds? Maybe  90? Maybe 85? 

He went to the office to check on the internet and determined that it weighs 110 pounds. 

I'd just lifted 110 pounds over my head 5 times?! I processed this fact for a little and immediately wanted it to be my turn again. 

I had to share with David who wanted to see how much he could do and so you will see us adding plates to his reps.  Then it was my turn again. David left the "bolts" on which weigh 5 pounds each so this round I'm working with 120 pounds.  You once again see me struggle with the weight, leaning back to get it to position and off balance.

David took his turn adding weight and making it look effortless.

Something must have happened in that 4 or 5 mins between my lifts beacuse the 3rd time I did it, I got it. I found the strength and the power to get it up to my chest and then above my head properly. I was so happy and proud of myself! Not only did I put 110 pounds over my head 15 times, I didn't let my first two less than perfect attempts get me down and psych me out.

Then it was David's turn again. (blah, blah, effortless, blah blah)

I did one more set of 5 and though my muscles were tired I once again dug deep and didn't lean backwards, wasn't off balance and I got them done.

David added enough weight to bring it up to about 200 pounds (I'm still not sure of the math but I think he had over 200 pounds)
He attempted it but couldn't do it. Rather than be a schmuck and keep trying and possibily hurting himself he went down a little in weight. He got one good rep in and quit.

We then went on to do snatches with the Kettlebells.
He had initially wanted me at the end of 200 snatches to do 50 pullups on the bars. I told him he was on serious crack. (Actually what I told him was that I'd try and we would see what I could do)
Thankfully he forgot about that part of our workout when I couldn't complete the 200 he wanted me to do. I'm quite certain I know what I'll be doing tomorrow at 11:00am.

If you don't want to watch the whole video(s)  because there is a lot of  down time here are the times when we lift.
My 1st attempt is right at the start of the first video
David's 1st is at 5:40
My 2nd attempt is at 7:20
David's 2nd is at 10:20
My 3rd attempt is at 12:00

Lift times in this video
David's 1st is at 1:55
My 1st and last is at 3:05
David's 2nd is at 8:00
David's 3rd is at 9:30

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