Tuesday, June 14, 2011

More Practice Video

I knew I wasn't going to make it to class today so I'd arranged to do a quick practice like I did last night.
100 swings, 20 Clean & Press on each side and 20 snatches on each side.

My head wasn't in it tonight. I was all sorts of distracted and spent more time yapping than actually working. (I've overdubbed the video with music so you don't have to listen to the children and the really awful music he plays and us talking. However, if I'd left that all in, you might have an idea of why I was so distracted.)

I've also discovered that I am shaped a bit like a dumpling.
It's really easy to fool ones self when there are no full length mirrors in the home but to see this video and to see my fat and fluff in all its glory and to see it in silhouette (I still haven't found a place to put the camera that doesn't have light behind me)....Let's say it's got me more motivated than ever.

Tonight's video is a long-ish one so I won't be insulted if I'm the only one that watches it.
I'm taking all this video beacause there are no mirrors in the studio and so the video allows me to see exactly what I'm doing and how it looks and what I need to work on.

Still feeling good about my snatches and getting better on the clean and presses.

Tried to do a little bit of everything using the 12kg kettlebell since that's the one I'll have to use for the certification.
I'm starting to get comfortable with the moves but I'm afraid to get used to using the lighter weight.  I think it's time to start to mix it up a little bit.  I know I'm not yet strong enough to do an entire practice with the 12kg but I'm going to at least do the 100 swings with it and see how mad my arms are at me after.

I also tried a trick that I learned watching a Steve Cotter Kettlebell video.  I've long felt that I'm squatting too much when I do my swings and he suggested placing a Kettlebell between your legs and if when you swing the Kettlebells hit each other, you are squatting too low.

Of course, my problem with this is, I'm unsure how to correct it. I'm short with very short legs and short arms. If  I don't squat I'm going to slam my pelvic bone with that iron weight every single time.

Tomorrow I'm going to do the 9am Yoga class and the 10am Boot Camp. If there is anything at all left in my tank I'll practice the swings using my hips more than my knees.

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