Sunday, July 24, 2011

Today's Lame Ass Workout

I haven't blogged much lately because we've switched up how we are doing our training.
David felt that we were over training doing our private training after doing a Boot Camp class.

We decided that we would either do class or training and I've been trying to get in 2 days of Boot Camp and 3 days of training.

This week was BRUTAL with the heat. Our studio has no air conditioning and this week the temps have been in the upper 90s and even over 100.

I've come to realize that I lose all my super power in the heat. I feel so weak and tired that I'm absolutely struggling with the same 27 pound Kettlebell that I was rocking (sort of) a few weeks ago.

VERY frustrating.

Today it was just my husband and myself and our kids. David has kindly given Mike a key to the studio which allows Mike to hit the heavy bag and do his thing when he can.

Since we haven't been doing a separate after class training I haven't been able to videotape anything I've done.

Today was the first chance.

Here ya go...

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