Wednesday, September 28, 2011

30 MS Bike Tour

So this Sunday I'm riding in the Bike MS NYC event.

You all know by now that I ride a single speed 60 pound pink beach cruiser named Bison.
(named by my very astute eldest son. When we picked it up from the shop for the first time he said "Mommy. You should call the bike Bison, because it's as big as a Bison!")

Yeah, I know. I should have a more practical bike for this sort of an event but I love my sweet Bison. We are a team and a good one at that.
You should also know that she and I don't do hills. Or we haven't done hills in the past. This ride will be the one that I'm going to attempt hills. (gulp!)

The ride website says this:
30 Mile Ride: For participants of all levels. Experience Manhattan TRAFFIC FREE via the Franklin D. Roosevelt Drive, Harlem River Drive and the West Side Highway. This route is mostly flat and does not have any steep hills.

Sounds promising right? Right. Except that I'm a born and raised New Yorker who absolutely knows better. The key words in the above statement are MOSTLY and STEEP. 

Map of the Route

I happen to know that there are hills, perhaps not considered steep by most but to me on my heavy single speed they ARE steep. 
These hills worry me. This will however be the first ride that I attempt to ride them rather than getting off and walking them.

That's not to say that I won't be getting off and walking them, but I will attempt them this time rather than just giving up without even trying.

At least that's the plan as I sit here in front of my computer and type this...

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