Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Reason 3000

I know I'm forever going on and on about how amazing Hoboken Boot Camps is but it's all true and I have one more example to add to the
"why gyms suck & Hoboken Boot Camps is the total mac daddy of the workout world"

Last week on Facebook I said that I know I have the strength, I need to work on my endurance and stamina.

Yesterday my beloved Coach (Mistress) Jesse said she knew the perfect way to help me build up my endurance and we would do it between classes (I did back to backs yesterday).

I had NO idea what she had in store for me but was ready for whatever she tossed my way.

At least I thought I was. When she went out onto the loading dock and started a slow jog I had serious doubts. Like a good minion though I started a very slow jog with no idea where we were going and unsure if I could make it more than a block.

She had us run around the Monroe Center Property.

On this map we started out on the 7th street side and looped around by the light rail, up 8th and back down to 7th street.,-74.037724&spn=0.002126,0.004973&gbv=2&t=h&z=18&vpsrc=6
Most of my pals are total gazelles. They all run and they make it look effortless and graceful.  My short run was neither of these things but it doesn't matter. I made it more than half way around before I had to walk. I think that's kinda of awesome for me, a woman who doesn't even chase her kids.

The thing that makes this so totally awesome is not that a short slow run didn't cause me to drop dead but that Jesse read my post on Facebook, and decided to help me reach my goal. She didn't have to offer to take me for a run each day, to help me slowly build my stamina.

She did it because she rocks and she wants to see me be the best that I can be.
Can you tell me that your chain gym trainer would take the time and go the extra mile like this for his clients?

We are going to do it each day to slowly build my legs up and along with it my stamina.

So there you have it. Reason 3,000 why I love Hoboken Boot Camps

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