Friday, September 9, 2011

Vacation Countdown & new goals

Monday my sweet husband and I will be married 12 years. 
We had wanted to take a 2nd honeymoon for our 10th anniversary but my mother and sister (the only two people who will watch the kids) didn't feel comfortable at that point watching the boys for longer than an overnight.

When they announced the Kiss Kruise I told him that it was something I would love to do (I've been a Kiss fan for over 20 years) He said if I could get my mother and sister to agree to watch the kids, he would go. I honestly think he thought, knowing their babysitting track record and how they have said no in the past, he would be safe.
Poor guy, they said they would watch the kids.

Kiss is not his cup of tea so we decided to treat this time away, alone together as our 2nd honeymoon. We will have 5 days without kids, on a cruise.

I figured that I should probably step up and pretend to be a good wife and maybe pretend that I'm a girl and wear something other than tee shirts and leggings on this trip.

Of course, the news I got yesterday when I got onto the scale doesn't help me feel very sexy or feminine but I'm beyond that and realize that I must accentuate the positives and eliminate (or hide) as many of the negatives as I can.

We have 33 days till the trip. That means I have roughly 30 Boot Camps to work as hard as I can to transform as much of myself as I can. (I try to get to class 6 days a week)

I did back to back classes today and decided that between today and October 12th when we leave I will do at least 3 back to backs a week. 

I'm not delirious or fooling myself into thinking there will be a full body transformation in that period of time but I can use these classes to keep the muscle I have tone and to continue to work on my legs and ass.

I want to be able to put on my bathing suit and know how hard I've worked to get to where I am, even if where I am is still overweight with lots and lots of cellulite and varicose veins.

On another note,I have found two random goals that I want to work on reaching in Boot Camp over the coming months.

1. I want to be able to do an unassisted pull up/hang.  My body and my muscles are so weird. When it comes to working with weights, I know I'm strong. Stronger than lots of the women who come to Boot Camp (and some of the men) and yet, I do not have the strength or the power to do even one pull up without a boost or a lift.
This feels really off balance to me and makes me feel like my strength is sort of incomplete if that makes any sense.

Granted I can't even REACH the bars at Boot Camp but the one time we attempted them I struggled in a most fierce fashion. That's unacceptable. I'm not asking to do 10 or 20. I want to do one unassisted pull up.

Goal two is to be able to not get torn to shreds by the one exercise that every time we do it I want to drop dead and throw up simultaneously.

There is no other exercise in the Boot Camp bag of tricks that destroys me like this one does.

Loop a tension band around your waist and have a partner grab the other side and "drive" you down the loading dock.  It is the non pullers job to make the person pulling work for every single step they take.  If you are lucky, when you get to the other end, the puller becomes the driver when you guys swap positions. If not, you do a full up and back.

Doesn't look very long or far right? During this drill, it's a freakin zillion miles. 
The last time I did it (prior to today) I had the unfortunate luck of having to go up and back and I couldn't finish. I really thought I was going to throw up.

Today we switched positions at the other end and I was partnered with Coach (Mistress) Jesse. I know she's in crazy shape and has like zero body fat but I've got to outweigh her by at LEAST 60 pounds maybe more. (I'm guessing a lot more)

I knew she wouldn't let me skate but I had no idea I was going to struggle the way I did! I didn't think I was going to make it to the end.

My ass was kicked big time. My legs were like rubber, my hips ached, and I was completely and totally out of breath panting like a dog on a summer day.

All I could think of as I struggled to move forward was this event:"> name="allowFullScreen" value="true">" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="420" height="345" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true">
These horses are pulling 6,000 pounds and they struggle less than I did today.

I want to be able to do this exercise and not feel like I've just run a marathon with a weighted vest on.

So I guess that's three goals actually.
1. Push hard/train hard till the Cruise so I'm at my best and can feel comfortable about wearing a dress.
2. To work for one unassisted pull up.
3. To get to a point where the resistance band run/pull doesn't tax me the way it does now.

Three very real, very obtainable goals. 
Now if you will excuse me, I'm off to hobble to pick up my kids from school.

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