Friday, September 23, 2011


It will come to no surprise to any of you if I tell you that I'm a vain gal. I'm not vain to the point where I'm obsessed with my looks and think I'm the cats meow and better than the rest but I'm my own biggest fan for sure.

Back in the 80s and into the 90s I was a rock and roll gal. Weekends were spend at the Limelight (Sunday only for Rock & Roll Church) and L'Amour in Brooklyn and the Scrap Bar and a handful of places in Jersey that I've forgotten the names of.

Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights were out at a club or at a concert. Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday required a new groupie gal outfit that was cuter, tighter and sexier than the weekend before. I rocked the 5 inch come fuck me heels and dresses or skirts so tight it left nothing to the imagination.

My best friend and partner in crime and I learned very early that the way to get into clubs as a minor was to show off the goods. Distract the bouncer with your assets and you would never have a problem getting in. This meant tight and short with more clevage showing than the average gal.

One of our favorite things to do while inside the club or at a concert was be evil catty snotty bitches. We would shred the other girls to ribbons with our comments, making merciless fun of them. We were always the best looking most desirable girls on display at whatever the venue happened to be.

I was able to keep my cute figure until I got married. Then I got comfortable and lazy. Then I had the kids and I got really fat.

We are headed out on the Kiss Kruise in about 20 days and I know without a doubt that that ship will have it's fair share of groupie bimbos with crazy tight bodies and faux boobs who will be rockin the outfits I used to. I've been part of the rock world long enough to know that these girls have it and will flaunt it at every single opportunity available to them.

(this is where the vanity comes in)

I made a promise to myself that I was going to push and shove myself as hard as I could and really work as hard as I could at Boot Camp in that time.

I know I'm not going to lose the 80 + extra pounds I have on me and be able to fit into spandex by the time we board the ship but I need to be able to hold my own against these shallow twits. 

Even if I'm overweight I can still be a smug, catty bitch (I can't help it. Put me around rock and roll and rockstars and that side of me just shows up.) knowing that as far as strength goes I can run rings around these gals. In order for me to have my claws sharp and my tounge sharper I need to have the goods to back it all up.

I need to be able to board that ship knowing that I'm in the best shape I can be in and while I might be a work in progress, I don't look half bad for a 38 year old mother of two.

All this week I've done back to back classes at Boot Camp and really pushed myself with every one. Usually if I do two in a row, I take it easy in the first class so that I have extra energy for the second class.
This week I've gone balls to the wall at every class.

Add to my extra effort the fact that this week I've started jogging with Jesse. Every day a little further and we haven't gone super far but my muscles feel it!

I will continue in this fashion until the cruise (If I don't collapse beforehand!) and will then be able to rock and roll all night and party every day in a happy fashion.

Evidence that I was at one point insanely cute & had a much tighter bod than I do now.

 My goth/glam/punk phase. That's my pal Smash in the background.

 These two were taken at Sea World. I have no idea what I was thinking wearing that outfit out in daylight.
 Ready to go to a Poison Concert.
 Hanging with the horses.
 At Webster Hall. That's my pal Sin.d in the middle and Jae on the right. I'm on the left.
Last photo ever taken of me and my best pal/partner in crime. Couldn't tell you where we were going but we were going to cause trouble wherever it was!

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