Thursday, September 29, 2011


Today was an adventure for sure.  Kids had no school so they came with me to the 9am Boot Camp. I went with every intention of doing a back to back class by by the time 9:35 showed up I knew my ass had been handed to me hardcore and to do a second class was not going to happen.

Took the kiddos home tried to stop sweating like a pig, changed my clothing and we headed into the city.

It was my plan to walk the bike to the shop for a tune up and leave it there till tomorrow when I could be kidless to pick it up and then we would go and see my aunt who just moved here from Turkey and lives half a block from the bike shop.

My father decided he was going to join us (My aunt is his younger sister) and was parked waiting for us outside my mom's apartment. I decided to leave the kids in the car with him and ride the bike to the shop which was just 6 blocks away.  I didn't expect them to escort me as a SAG (Support & Gear) vehicle but that's exactly what they did.

Dad drove slowly with his hazards on right next to me and the kids leaned out the window shouting encouraging words and waving at everyone who was around.  The best was when Brian held a bottle of water out the window and said
 "Keep Hydrated mommy!"

Thankfully I do not embarrass easily and this whole exchange had me cracking up. Got to the bike shop, and turns out all Bison needed was air in her tires so they didn't keep her and I had to ride her home. This was a slightly unexpected twist as now my dad had to follow me back to my mom's place so I could put the bike in the basement again.

I HATE HATE HATE riding in traffic. It scares the crap out of me. The quickest route home was straight up West 10th Street. 10th is a narrow street with parking on either side and a hill at the start to boot. (I survived the hill!) but was really nervous since I had a van in front of me and a truck behind me.

It seemed I caught every single light and at one, a cab was making a left which required him to cross into my path. He was fine. I knew he was turning. I had no idea however that the freakin van was going to cut me off and push in front of me to make a left as well.

I honestly though I was going to get hit by the cab who was behind me and in a super rush to get around the van.

I battled two delivery trucks parked in the bike lane who forced me to pull into traffic and had me pedal my little heart out as though my very life depended on it to keep the cars behind me from backing up. (0 to 16 miles per hour in a very short time is rather impressive in my book!)

Despite all of this, I made it home and once I parked Bison I realized just how much I love that bike and how safe I feel on her.

I love the smiles that I see when people get a look at her and the comments that I get. (Some guy today called her the Pinkbot!)
I love how strong I feel when I'm on her. Riding her is a really good indication to me of just where I am in strength and fitness and endurance.

She and I are a team and I cannot wait until Sunday!

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