Saturday, May 21, 2011

Certification Training

Today we went to the 8am Boot Camp and then I went back at 2pm to train with David for the Kettlebell Certification.
We worked on all the things we will be tested on. Swings, Snatches and Cleans.

From the IKFF site:
All CKT Level 1 candidates must pass a stringent assessment in order to successful complete the requirements and achieve the Level 1 CKT distinction. The assessment is to be the performance of all level 1 techniques (swing, clean, press, push press, snatch and squat). Jerk is taught in Level 1 because it is an important lift and one of the key lifts tested in Level 2 CKT courses. However, because of it's relative complexity, some Level 1 candidates will not quite have the timing and execution mastered before the completion of Level 1 courses. So you will be taught the lift, but will not be required to test on the Jerk until CKT 2. For all lifts, form is checked to assure effective understanding and performance of the movements. In addition to the technical assessment, all registrants must pass the following Level 1 test. This is simply a test of minimum standards for Level 1 and a building block for continuous progression in abilities. Thus, the focus is on lighter weights and lower volume with exceptional technique.

Men: Hand-hand Swing: 20kg x 100
1 arm Clean& Press: 20kg x 2 min per hand (4 min set); minimum 8 rpm, 32 reps total non-stop
Snatch: 20kg x 30/30
Front Squat: 20kg x 2 min, 15 rpm

Women: Hand-hand Swing: 12kg x 100
1 arm Clean& Press: 12kg x 2 min per hand (4 min set); minimum 8 rpm, 32 reps total non-stop
Snatch: 12kg x 30/30
Front Squat: 12kg x 2 min, min 15 rpm

*The above is performed one right after the next with no rest or breaks inbetween exercises.

I've done swings galore, done the clean and press but today was the first time I've ever done a snatch and we didn't do squats beacuse we weren't sure what kind of a squat they will have us doing. Once we find that out we will add it to the practice rotation.

The certification will be done with the blue kettlebell which is 12kg or 26 pounds. We were practicing with the pink bell which is only about 17 pounds or 8kg.
Today was not bad. I felt okay about the snatches I did since it was the first time I'd attempted them. At least I felt okay when we were doing it with the pink bell or the 17 pound one. When I went to the blue, I struggled to the point where I let the bell slip and it hit me in the head.  It wasn't a huge whack as you will see but you hear me yelp beacuse it did hurt. It was also the first time I'd ever clocked myself. After I hit myself, David comes over to spot me and it looks like he's helping me lift the bell but he's not. He's got his hands there in case my arm gives out but he's not assisting my lifting in any way.

Here ya go. Ignore my yapping. I tend to talk a whole lot. Also know that David had a private student and her daughter so you will hear him swapping from English to Spanish.

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