Friday, May 13, 2011

hour long boot camp

Editing this post to add that Blogger was having issues yesterday so I couldn't publish this. I did this all yesterday.

So today I decided I was going to try to do two Boot Camps back to back.
I had no idea if I could do it since my reaction when others told me they were doing it was that they were crazy and that I could never do it.

Since I'm all about pushing my own limits and seeing where my breaking point is, I decided to give it a shot.

Normally in class I push myself to work as hard as I can and at the end of the 35 minutes I'm wiped out.
Today, I knew I was going for a second class and so I decided to work smarter not harder.

Lighter weights, taking my time on the stations, not trying to pack as many reps of whatever the exercise was in the 30 seconds we have before we switch to the next station.

I still worked hard and was tired and sweaty at the end of class but not exhausted as I usually am.
My classmate Ed decided to stay with me for the 10am class. I called it a show of insane solidarity. 
Class ends at 9:35 and the next class doesn't start till 10am so we were able to rest a little, catch our breath and compose ourselves before starting up again.

Jesse kept the stations indoors mostly the same but the work outside changed.

Overhead walking press half way down the loading dock, Ed and I did 30 squats with the Kettlebell then overhead press again to the end of the dock. Halfway is where the stairs are.

Normally we would turn around at the end but she had us go off road. I'll have to get some photos of the side of the building but it's dirt and weeds and gravel and LOTS and LOTS of broken glass. The footing is uneven and you really have to focus on where you are walking.

There is a line of railroad ties separating this area from the paved sidewalk and we went up and over the tie onto the sidewalk (still with the kettlebell overhead)
Jesse instructed us to hold the kettlebell to our chest and hop onto the railroad tie with two feet at the same time 10 times.

I CANNOT hop vertically. I can do a two footed leap forward but to hop from the ground up onto something I can't do it.
I wish to God I knew why but I can't. My body simply refuses to obey that command.

So rather than get all pissed off with myself I did what I could do and did step ups onto the tie.

We then hoisted the kettlebells overhead again (Everyone else was doing a 2 handed press but I was doing 1 handed and switching arms. I find it so much easier.) and walked down the sidewalk, around the other side of the building, through the parking lot and up onto the loading dock where we ran a lap.

I'm aware you guys have no real visual of what we did today but that was both fun and a total ass kicker.

I'm proud of myself for pushing but not being stupid about it. Now that I know the secret on how to do two back to back classes and not drop from exhaustion, I'm going to try to do them 3 times a week.

On another note, remember how I told you I took the kids the other day and how much they love Boot Camp? This is my little guy, Brian the Lion. He took it upon himself to put the gloves on and go a few rounds with the heavybag.


sassy said...

Sounds like a great workout. I bet you felt really strong after that!

Diana said...

Strong and tired!