Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Insanity or Dedication?

Tonight one of the very sweet gals that I take the morning class with was in the evening class as well.
She's got a sprained ankle and is still pushing herself to do two classes a day.
One in the morning and one in the evening.

There is another gal who takes the 8:15 class in the morning and then takes the 9:00am class with us as well.

Boot Camp is designed to give you a total ass kicking workout in 35 minutes. It's tough and it's intense.
Before tonight, I couldn't imagine doing two classes in a day or two back to back.

Of course, me being me, wants to push myself and see if I can do it.
I think tomorrow I'm going to do the 9am class and stick around for the 10am class.

Next week I'll try to do a morning and an evening class.

See which way kills me first.

I skipped class this morning because I had to clean this place for a potential buyer who was coming in the afternoon so I decided to go to the 5:15 class.

That means I had to bring the kiddos with me.
Always a crap shoot on how they will behave.

Tonight there were 5 of us in class & class was taught by my fellow student and apprentice coach Mike. Myself, my beloved coach Jesse (I lovingly call her "The Mistress") a friend of Mike's (who was really easy on the eyes) and a couple.

The kids were evil from the first second we go there and didn't get any better.

The 9am class is mostly parents and if I bring the kids, they understand and have patience for them.
The evening classes are made up of folks who want to kick ass and take names. Most of them don't have kids and I'm not sure they know what to do when I have the boys with me.

Tonight we did a lot of work on the loading dock and somewhere in the middle of class as I'm carrying a 30 pound Kettlebell overhead I see my youngest son The Lion come flying out the door waving his shirt like a flag overhead. He then proceeds to stand dead center on the dock and pull his pants down.

Thankfully he kept his Star Wars underwear on. He thought it was hysterical, I was mildly annoyed (had he pulled the underwear down too I would have been really annoyed but I was thankful for the small miracles) and I truly have no idea what the other folks in class thought.

At the end of class I apologized to everyone and hoped that they would forgive Patrick for galloping around hollering directions at them like a small dictator and for the Lion's strip tease.

I can't promise that I'll never bring the kids to class with me again, because it's going to happen but I can promise that I will subject some other class at another time to them next and will spare the poor 5:15 class for a little while.
Give them time to forget.

Never ever a dull moment with my kids around.

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