Tuesday, May 31, 2011

More of the weekend

So as I watch this video from our training this weekend, I notice a few things:

1. My arms and the way they hang when at rest make me crazy. They don't rest by my sides but rather bow out and just scream "FAT CHICK ARMS" to me.

2. The above impression is only exasterbated by how I think I look when I squat doing these exercises.  I don't for a second think I'm not strong but I just look uncomfortable and chubby in all these videos. (I AM chubby but I'm not uncomfortable!) I don't look at all fluid or graceful which brings me to my third point:

3. I need to learn to "finesse" the kettlebells rather than muscle them into the position I want. The movements on the Clean and Press (second exercise we do) are not fluid or correct at all. I'm lifing that Kettlebell into the rack position every single time and that's not what it should be. My movements are jerky and rough not smooth and effortless looking.

I think we are going to the playground tonight to get a quick workout in (we have a key now! How cool are we?!) and while Mike hits the heavy bag and the kids play, I'll be out on the loading dock with a light weight working on my motions and getting comfortable with all the components of the testing moves.

I'm really glad that I'm bringing the camera to these practices beacuse I had NO idea how bad my form was till I watched these videos.

Don't worry. I'll have the camera with me and will take lots of footage!

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