Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday Class

It is a very rare class when I'm the only student. I think in the year and half I've been going to class I've been solo maybe 5 times.

Today is Saturday and that means the kids came with me. Mike was teaching today which was great for me but even better for the kiddos.

My boys LOVE Mike and he's amazing with them. He's patient and he's willing to horse around and keep them entertained and off of me so I can do my thing.

Since it was just me today I pulled out the camera and decided to videotape class. I took 4 separate videos and as it turns out my cinematography skills are seriously lacking. For the first three I had the camera pointed at only three of the stations Mike had set up for me.

I got my warm up though...

It was only after the third round of stations that I moved the camera so you can see the other stations. By this time I was tired and moving slower so know that I was a little stronger and faster than what you see but no matter.

My favorite exercise is one that Mike came up with and I've never seen before. The kettlebell and rope one you see me doing. That's a 26 pound bell I'm hoisting. I also feel the need to add that the work you see me doing with the band at the end of the station cycle is deceptive. It looks harmless and easy but it's an ass kicker. I always struggle with evil muscle burn and the shakes when I do these exercises.

Here it is. You can turn the volume off or leave it on but I overdubbed it with some crappy music so you don't need to hear my banter...
Also, forgive my sweet Lion for dropping his pants AGAIN. Kid can't seem to keep his clothing on!

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