Saturday, November 12, 2011

Disney World Food

We have 25 days till our next Disney World trip and while I'm very excited there is also some anxiety which I've not ever experienced before.
I'm concerned about meals and snacks. Disney World has amazing food. Stop laughing! I'm serious! It's so good that when I'm not there, I dream about and crave much of the food from past meals.
Here look. Photos of food.

Food is as much a part of what we look forward to as visiting Mickey Mouse is. I have more than a few favorite meals that are less than healthy and do far too much consuming of sugar and snacks.

This trip HAS to be different though. I'm working so hard that to throw it all away on one week of over the top, caution to the wind snarfing would be a very stupid move.

While I know this and I know it's what I have to do, I know that I will be spending much of my time there feeling sorry for myself and cranky that I cannot eat the food I want to eat.

I know that this trip should not focus on what I can't have and what I'm denying myself but rather on how good I look and feel and how much fun I'm having.

I know I will find myself sitting, watching everyone eat their snacks while I have to wait for a meal or I get to snack on Almonds that I've packed and brought with me.
(Let me tell you, the first member of my party who orders either a gingerbread muffin or the banana bread pudding at the Main Street Bakery in Magic Kingdom jumps right to the top of my shit list and I will seriously consider not speaking to them for the rest of the trip)

I know at our meals I'll either be skipping dessert or ordering the sugar free option.

To help myself along and to try to "get right" with these new choices I have to make and try to not feel so angry and sad at not being able to order what I want but rather what I should I've been doing homework and looking at all the menus. I need to know what I'm going to be eating so I can stay strong and make the right choices.

25 days to get my head in the game and get these changes right.

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