Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Horses

Growing up, I was fortunate enough to have horses in my life.

 Smooching on my father's horse Moet.

 Foxhunting pal named Nuzzler. He was an awesome horse.
 Nuzzler and I again getting ready to jump a picnic table.
 My horse. Bunker Hill.
 At our friend's farm.
 Bunker Hill & I at a horse show at Pace University.

Horse Show.

 I started to ride at about 6 years old and got my whole family into it. My father and I were the ones that were really passionate about it though and he and I still really miss it. 

Bunk & I  I miss the blonde hair almost as much as I miss the horse

Horse Show

I'm riding Nuzzler in this video. The two guys I'm with were my dad's two best pals at the time. Yes, I AM riding in a black leather motorcycle jacket. What? Would you expect a metal chick to ride in something else?! 

1990 would make me all of 17 years old in this video. This is shot at Claremont in NYC. My senior year in high school I kept Bunk there and every day after school I'd go to the barn and take him to Central Park.  He kept me away from all the bad things bored teenagers do after school. My friends went to Central Park to get high on drugs. I took my horse to Central Park and got high on taking him for a flat out no holds barred gallop. You haven't lived till you've galloped on an off the track thoroughbred.

I sincerely miss riding and would love to do it again. I miss the way they smell, how they sound, how it feels to fly over a fence. I miss that bond between horse and rider. Maybe one day I'll be able to afford it again.

That is all. I'm done with this wander down memory lane. Carry on...

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