Sunday, November 20, 2011


Today I went to the studio to do some Kettlebell training with David. He had me run through the test with the 17 pound Kettlebell.
100 swings
16 clean & press on each arm
30 snatches
30 squats

Then he had me do 5 sets of 5 snatches on each arm with the 22 pound bell.

I struggled and felt awkward and frustrated with myself and my total lack of form.
I wondered if it would ever come together for me, if I would ever be able to correctly pull off any of these moves.
At this point, it does not feel comfortable and I cannot get the rhythm or the groove. I feel blobby and ungraceful. I feel fat and like a complete amateur.
I feel as though I have absolutely no business going after my certification when I'm this green with simple movements.

Of course, feeling this way only serves to fuel my fire and feed the stubborn passionate ego that I call my own. It hardens my resolve to work twice as hard till I have that breakthrough moment, where I have even one of the moves (the moves that elude me are the simple, basic swing and the downswing of the snatch) executed properly.

I will not give up and will dedicate whatever time it takes to get it right.  I don't like to feel uncomfortable with something I love so much.

Having said that, my arms are hurty...

Here are the videos. I've changed the audio to something nicer to listen to than David and I yap...He and I could talk the ears off of any sane human.

On another note, do you see what his 5 year old son is doing?! That's right. Freakin CHINUPS!! And not just one. Oh no. No. He does 10. HE'S FIVE YEARS OLD!!! Jesus Christ. I've got so much catching up to do!

YouTube doesn't care for videos that are longer than 15 mins so I've had to break up the workout he had me do into two parts.

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