Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I woke up this morning and decided today was the day to get back on track. No more screwing around. I gave all the kids Halloween candy to my husband to take to work (including my secret stash) and went to Boot Camp with the chew bubblegum and kick ass mentality.
I went thinking I was only going to take one class this morning and so I gave that class all I had. I pushed myself super hard & today was a total ass kicker. We worked with the sled which we've never done before:
Since I have the ability to completely fool myself into thinking I'm lookin good and haven't put any weight on and I'm "fine" (Aerosmith has a song called F.I.N.E which is an acronym for  "Fucked up, Insecure, Neurotic and Emotional.)The best and quickest way for me to cure these delusions is to have David videotape me working out.

Today was the perfect day because I have something I might be a part of that includes a 3 month complementary gym membership and I told them that I don't do gyms. I do Hoboken Boot Camps only.

I wanted to show them footage of how different HBC is than a gym so I gave David the camera. He of course took no footage in the first class and so I decided to stay for the second.

David taped the second class for me:
(Holy smokes. No hiding from the truth no matter how in denial I might try to be. I really need to knock off the crap and rededicate myself to this project called Diana. FAT to the 10th power!!!)

I am madly in love with that damn sled and though it pushed me to the point where I thought I might throw up and left me panting worse than a dog on a hot summer day I in all my genius push myself to the limit glory suggested that after the second class I push Coach Jesse on the sled.

I mentioned this DURING CLASS not after class like a normal human might have. No, I had the bright idea in the middle of working out. Of course David said HE wanted to play too so I said I'd try to push him on the sled as well.

Never mind what I'd done before and what I'd just set myself up for after class. Jess decided that at the end of class I was going for a short run with her just to be sure before I push live humans on a huge heavy sled I would be exhausted and out of breath.

If I wasn't secure in the fact that these people love me, I'd think they were trying to kill me.

So here it is. Me pushing Jess on the sled, then David wanted to add weight to give me a "real" challenge,(By the way. I'm so NOT laughing. I'm trying not to drop dead. What he saw wasn't a smile. It was a grimace) then me pushing David, and then everyone got in on the act!

Have I told you lately how much I LOVE my Hoboken Boot Camps?

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