Sunday, November 6, 2011


I've been accepted to be part of a NY Post article!!

It's a 6 week long weight loss book review of sorts.
Tomorrow (Monday) I'll go to the Post's office (The NY Newspaper, not to be confused with the place your mail goes) to get weighed and get my before photo taken. They will give me a brand new, unpublished diet book to follow and in 6 weeks I'll go back and have after photos and a weigh in done.

I'm VERY excited and so are Coaches David & Jesse. They are totally on board to help motivate and push me and keep me on track.

My goal is to lose 20 pounds in that 6 weeks. (David thinks my goal should be a pound a day. I'm not sure that's possible or healthy. BUT if it could be done I'd lose 42 pounds which would be the MOST kick ass thing on the entire planet!)

David has told me that I need to write down my goals in short and long term forms.

My daily goal is simple and it's not about weight loss. My daily goal is to keep my eye on the prize and try to be kinder and treat my body better. To try to make the right food choices every day and with everything that goes into my mouth.

My middle term goal actually surprised even when when I thought about it.

This is it: Disney Family 5k

I have 110 days from today to get in shape for it. That means I have to run every single day and push myself.

I'm unsure about the in between goals but I'm working on them. I do know that I will be keeping this massive end goal as the umbrella for all my other goals. This will be  the one I use as motivation, as inspiration as the thing I will not be able to do if I do not stay the course with my short term goals.

The insane thing about this goal is a month ago I hated running and whined and bitched when asked to do it.
I always tell everyone
"I don't even chase after my own kids!"

Jesse took me out for that fateful run and I've now got a new challenge. I want to be able to run more than a block. 

I'm not looking to be a "runner" and I think after I reach my Royal Family 5k goal, I might hang up my running shoes but I want to be able to say that I ran, and finished, a 5k and there is no place better for me than Disney World.

This race appeal to me because it requires more than just signing up and showing up. This race will need the purchase of a plane ticket and hotel room for at least a full weekend. That's a substantial investment and one that I cannot ask my family to make and then not give my best to.

Plus it's a trip to Disney World! (perhaps alone and without my husband and offspring)

There, now I've said it out loud and put it out into the universe and I cannot take it back.

As for my long term goal? I have one and it's a doozy.

I want to sign up for the 70 mile route on this bike tour & follow those 70 miles up with this one.

I suppose to some this might not seem long term but with my kiddos being so young still this isn't going to happen in 2012. It might happen in 2013.

Even beyond that here are two: To bike "La Loire à Vélo" and to one day get back to Ireland to ride cross country again.

In between all of these are the events I want to do again:
Climb to the Top 2012 -March 4th, 2012
5 Boro Bike Tour - May 6th, 2012
Bridges for Autism -  July? 2012
NY Century Bike Tour -Septemner 2012

I'm certain there will be other events this coming year that I want to be a part of. These are just the ones I know of now.

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