Wednesday, December 8, 2010


DAMN IT. I cannot believe I just did that.
I just inhaled two packages of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. I could have gone for just one, but did I? Oh no! That would have been way to "normal" and not at all the behavior of a sugar addict. No, I ate 4 cups and don't remember tasting them or chewing them.

See? This is what I was concerned with in my last post. Binging on the stuff that's lying around the house to distract me from what I'm feeling.

Tomorrow, I have GOT to get the hell out of this apartment and get some exercise. I've got to do something to move.
Even if it's only galloping up and down the basement stairs a few times. I need to do something.

Ya know, that's actually not a terrible idea. The basement I mean. The cleaning woman is coming here tomorrow and she's here during all my free time but that doesn't mean I have to be here with her.

I'm going to take the jump rope down and do jump rope and stairs tomorrow... Consider it penance for those evil peanut butter cups!

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