Tuesday, December 14, 2010


The hubby goes back to work tomorrow.
I love him, he's my best pal and I'm always happy to have him around, even when the reason he's around isn't so cool. (He's been home on bereavement leave)
He does however, supremely mess with my schedule.
Perfect example:
The other day I woke him up as I was getting the kids ready for school and said
"I think today I'm going to head into the city and do the stairs at my mom's place"
and I left the room.
I came back in a few minutes later and he said:
"So, you wanna hang out today?"
The lazy evil twit in me said
and that was that. No exercise for me on that day.
I've been away from Boot Camp and any sort of exercise for almost 2 weeks now.
I'm REALLY anxious to get to those damn stairs at mom's so I think tomorrow I'm going to drop off the kids and head into the city to do them.  If I was feeling REALLY ambitious, I'd do Boot Camp AND stairs but I don't think I've got that in me.
I really want to see the scale moving in the right direction again and it's not going to do anything if I sit around here on my fat rear end all day!!

Tomorrow I'm going to do the stairs and then walk down to the World Trade Center PATH station.

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