Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Stair Climb

So today I'd promised myself that I was going to my moms to do the 18 flights of stairs.
As you can see from the clock above I have about 2 months to get my act together so I don't make a complete fool of myself and be the last kid on the stairs at the Climb to the Top.

I really was going to do it too and then that damn voice in my head piped up "But why start today? You can't do it again till next week. Wait, start then"

The other smart, strong voice didn't have anything to say so my feet took me home.

When I picked the kids up from school the first thing my oldest asked me was "Did you do the stairs?"
I was honest. I told him I didn't.
He got mad at me!
He informed me that while on winter break, they will be doing the stairs with me every single day.
I told him he's got himself a deal.

Now, to keep myself on the straight and narrow at bedtime each night, I will be telling the kiddos that we are going to visit their grandmother and we will do the stairs and have lunch with grandma and my sister.

I know my kids, they will be sure I get to those steps every single day.

I also haven't been to Boot Camp in about 3 weeks and I'm starting to feel flabby and icky. Hopefully the stairs will get me back on track and in the groove again.

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