Friday, December 3, 2010

Goals and pushing yourself

Tomorrow I head back to Boot Camp. Saturdays are always fun because my husband and the kids come with me.
It's a different group of folks and a different vibe to the class.
We work just as hard though!
I've asked David if tomorrow I can attempt the tire step up with the 45 pounder tomorrow but because I'm insane I might have to grab the 50 just to see if I can do it. Just to push myself a little harder and a little further.

Next week I'm going to do the stairs at my mom's place at least 3 times and I'm going to start to take myself out of the house after I drop the kiddos off.
Depending on the weather I might even attempt to take the bike out!
My usual routine is to come home and sit on the computer after Boot Camp. It's taking it's toll on my mental health.
I'm all about being alone and solitude but I need to force myself out of the apartment and get some fresh air!

I'll be taking the camera with me tomorrow again so hopefully we can get some good video of me on the tire!

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