Saturday, December 4, 2010


Remember when  said I wanted to see how far I could go and how I enjoyed pushing myself?
I found my wall with the tire and the weights.
I KNOW if I did this before class I could have gotten more done. I know if I had been fresh and not done half an hour of intense work just prior I would have had better form and wouldn't have punked out.
I'm both disappointed and glad watching this video.
I love that I'm able to do most of them clean with good form and I'm glad I was able to do as many as I did but I'm disappointed that I couldn't do the 10 he wanted me to do.
I have it in me! I KNOW it's in there and over time I'll do ten and more!
Now I have a weight to work towards.
For the record that extra 5 pounds is INSANE. I've picked up the 45 pound before but not to do anything like this.
Oh and after this, the kids and I went and did the stairs and I took them 2 at at time!
Here is the video:

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