Sunday, December 12, 2010

Eating with kids

Yesterday was my mother in laws memorial service. It was lovely and I only had one breakdown during a conversation with MIL's BFF.

I am convinced that time is relative to the situation. When I'm in Disney World, I look at my watch and 4 hours have flown away.
Yesterday, time stood still and I'm certain the clock actually ticked backwards.
By the time we go to the hall to eat, I was beyond starving.

Thankfully, the kids were also starving and so rather than drag my chair to the buffet of yummy food, I focused on what they needed and bounced up and down like a yoyo getting them stuff.
When I was finally able to sit, I had a small serving of what was offered and I sucked it down like a vacuum. Against my own better judgment and the voices in my head, rather than sitting and waiting to let the food digest I galloped back up and got another helping of the chicken dish.

As God is my witness, I put my fork in to cut the chicken and it bent like it was in a cartoon and sprung out of my hands like it was on a marionette string.

I took that as a sign and stopped eating.

We have so much in our fridge as left overs, INCLUDING two huge tubs of cool whip.

I must be strong.
Back to Boot Camp tomorrow!

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