Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The best of intentions

Crappy morning around here.
I got up  with every intention of going to the gym after dropping the kids off at school.
At about 7:30 my husband decided that he would only be happy wearing a certain pair of dress slacks that I could not find.
I looked EVERYWHERE and I mean EVERYWHERE for those damn pants and by the time I found them (hanging on the back of the door in the kids room!) it was 8:00 and I was stressed to the max.

I threw the kids clothing on and it wasn't till we got outside into the lovely snow that was falling that I realized I hadn't gotten myself ready.
Converse low tops, no socks, pants that I hate (The elastic on the waist is gone and I have to hitch them up every few steps) no gloves, no wallet.

All this equaled no gym for me.

Rather than get pissy and blame everyone around me on the walk home from dropping the kids off I asked a good friend if she was going to the gym today.

She said she was so I told her to call me later and we could go together.

Then as if on cue my cel phone rang.  It was my dad asking if we are still on for today. CRAP. Of course we are.

My father's mother is a wonderful typical Jewish Brooklyn Grandmother (complete with the accent) and she is an amazing cook and baker.

She has this cookie she makes that we all adore. It's called Mondle Brodt and it's very much like a Biscotti.

For YEARS we've been trying to get the recipe out of her and when I finally got it, the index card had no measurements on it.

Dad finally got the full recipe out of her and for about a month now he and  I have tried to get together to make it but we've never been able to connect.

Today is the day we'd made plans for and I totally forgot.

So the long story short? No gym for me today.  I will go tomorrow for sure.

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