Saturday, January 15, 2011

Okay then

Well, after all my fire and brimstone and fist shaking and getting myself pumped up and revved up...
The tire was sleeping in this morning.

So no tire video but no worries. I still went into class with that fire, that determination and damn it all if David didn't chose today to work our legs hardcore.
12 hours after class has ended and the tops of my thighs are still aching and uncomfortable.

He had our feet in the TRX bands today doing all sorts of insane nonsense. Scissors, bicycles, walkouts and since there were 6 of us today three would do the TRX bands (which I have to admit is one of my favorite pieces of equipment, or it was. After today I'm convinced they are made by the devil himself) and the other half would do swings and high pulls with the Kettlebells.

I really DID try. Really. I tried to bring that bad ass machine in me out but she must have been sleeping in with the tire.

I was able to do a few of the walkouts and then I had to go to doing planks (Which also kicked my ass thankyouverymuch)
I really REALLY tried during the bicycle portion to keep my wee stems pumping, trying to count "stairs" or pedal rotations thinking about the Climb to the Top event or the 5 boro bike tour but my little legs weren't having it and the lactic burn was awful. I had to keep taking breaks which did nothing but piss me off at myself.

The Kettlebells were better. I worked with the 25 pound the whole time.

At the end of class he had us doing some insane crawls and then hops. I couldn't do the hops. My legs were just not going to support me(to the point where when I walked I looked drunk because I couldn't move in a straight line) so I ran using short rapid steps. 

In short, it was a FANTASTIC class and it really kicked my ass. I love when the classes are like that. Love when I've worked so hard my muscles are like jello.

Scuse me while I go and take some Tylenol...

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