Friday, January 7, 2011


So I'm tempted to sign up for a volunteer bike position that is currently just a hair out of what I'm physically capable of doing. It's for an MS event and it's a weekend event. It's a 50 mile 2 day walk but the bike support will ride 50 miles in a day riding up and back offering support to the walkers.

I think it would be a TOTAL blast and so much fun to be a part of. I'm concerned about the 12 + hours each day in the saddle though. Give me a horse and that kind of saddle I can sit in for hours. A bike? I'm gonna have a very very sore ass after the first day.

I know everyone already thinks I'm insane for attempting the 1215 steps next month (I think I'm a little off my rocker for that as well). I should just pile it on right?

What I'm going to do is see how I do in the 5 boro which is 42 + miles. If I can complete that, and get through the other rides I want to do in June and July and August, I'll sign up for the support staff. (Each of the other events are 50+ miles)

My dad wants to buy me a new bike and while I'd love a lighter bike I so love my Bison and I (once again) feel like I'm wimping out on her and not pushing myself. 

This is what my dad wants to get me.
It's still pink and it would CERTAINLY be easier to ride but...but it's not my sweet Bison...I've got to be the only gal on the planet having internal conflict over a bicycle!

Either way, I have a renewed reason to hit those steps at mom's building.
Speaking of which, do you know my calf muscles are STILL SORE?! That's right. Still They still hurt and I still wince going down the stairs at the boys school.
Monday I'll head back to mom's and do them again!

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