Sunday, January 30, 2011

The scale & goals

I hopped onto the scale today. (okay, I didn't hop. I shuffled and groaned. Boot Camp yesterday left me seriously sore!) It has not moved. Not one single pound. Impossible. It cannot be accurate. I can SEE the difference.

Again I go back to the debate of perhaps I'm replacing fat with muscle and though I'm actually dropping weight the scale doesn't reflect it because the weight is still there but not in fat.

I decided to ditch the scale and go back to the tape measure.
45" 36" 45"

I'm sure I've told you all my goal of being as close to Mae West as I can?
I'm 4'11" and she was 5'1" so we aren't far off.
Her measurements were 36-26-36

Not sure our busts will ever match, but we can get semi close (even Dolly Parton's measurements are 40-20-36 and she's just 5" tall!)

one of my favorite quotes was uttered by Mae "Cultivate your curves - they may be dangerous but they won't be avoided."

I don't have a specific measurement related goal. I've never said "I want t be a size_____"  I have a weight loss goal. I want to take off 100 pounds. As I've said before for my height I should be abut 100 pounds.

I'm thinking now though that since the damn scale isn't moving and I know I'm taking off fat weight I need to shift my goal from pounds to inches. 

So combining Dolly and Mae my measurement goal as of right now is going to be 40 25 36.

Along with that I want to keep building muscle and keep working with the heavy weights. I not only want to be slim (curvy) but I want to be in awesome shape and strong.

I'll measure once a week and post the progress. 

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b* said...

neither mae west nor dolly parton ever stopped to look at a kettleball... let alone make one their bitch. :) Hell even Jane Fonda needed Lily Tomlin's help to hoist up Dabney Coleman ;)

i would have never stuck with boot camp as long as you have been. I am absolutely in awe when I read your bootcamp stats, girl.