Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rain Delay

I woke up this morning to find that Hoboken, NJ had MORE snow.
Snow I can handle. What it had turned to by the time I got the kids ready for school and walked them out the door was snow/rain and ice. LOTS of ice. The sidewalks are like skating rinks and the curbs and streets are slush puddle mud pits.

Took us twice as long to get to school because we had to walk so slowly but we all remained upright and dry.

I left school and headed to Boot Camp. My feet started to cramp because I was involuntarily trying to grip the sidewalk with them so I didn't fall. It was slow going but I managed to stay out of the puddles and the slush.

Till I slipped on that patch if ice I didn't see.

Cold, wet, drowned rat. That's what I looked like and felt like. I got up and was STILL going to Boot Camp (I'd just finished reading a blog about a guy who went to the gym with the flu because THAT'S what a dedicated athlete does. You don't take time off and you CERTAINLY don't let anything like an illuess get in your way! SACRIFICE! ) 

I got up, shook myself off like a dog after a bath (Did I mention my winter coat is a full length faux leopard fur? Yeah.) and gingerly crossed the street. When I hit the other sidewalk and hit another patch of ice that caused me to look a little like a cartoon character with arms and legs pinwheeling (How I didn't throw my purse into the night I do not know) I threw in the towel.

I'm as dedicated to Boot Camp as anyone has ever been but I'm not going to break my neck or get pneumonia in the name of exercise.

We will try again tomorrow.

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